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Serenity DTx


My mom LOVED the virtual reality relaxation. She smiled the whole time & when we asked her if she liked it, she said "yes" and she very rarely says anything. I am thrilled for her. What a great trial. My mom & I thank you for the experience. Please feel free to share her photo enjoying her experience. This made my heart so happy ❤️

Resident accepted the headset. Was curious and anxious to start. Resident selected episode (Paris). Once episode began, resident was very vocal, describing and commenting on what she viewed stating, "Oh my! Nice, oh my God, oh wow." Moving head side to side. Once done episode, resident stated "I will go there. I will go there right now." And then giggled. Resident stated she did not feel dizzy.

He agreed to have it placed on him. Did not notice any change in his body language. When asked if he liked it, he said yes and he rarely speaks.

Resident said it was like a story book. Good for eyesight. Is it Vancouver or east coast or west coast? Rich people go there. After removing the device, she started recalling her own travels and changes in the world.

Resident selected what she wanted to see (Rome). Did not like the headset at first. Once adjusted, felt comfortable. Resident moved her head around and voiced "wow, awesome, beautiful. Did you look at this?" Resident stated once episode was done "That was excellent, really something."

Resident accepted headset and immediately engaged in the episode. Voicing comments and body language. Turning head throughout. Reaching out at times. Resident stated it was wonderful and would try it again.

Resident cooperative. Once episode began, resident talked throughout episode moving her head constantly, reaching out, inhaling/exhaling on cue. Making positive statements throughout. "Wow. Wow. This is exceptional, exquisite!" Answering commentator with comments and agreeing when informed she can return to the experience anytime. Resident stated, "Oh yes, I will. I would like to see you every day – but only if it works for you." Resident happy and talkative after completing the episode.

Resident was cooperative to sit and receive headset. Once episode began, resident made statements such as, "Oh yah, ahh." Lots of light calm chatter sounding like agreeing or making comments. Crossed legs and clasped hands together gently, looked very relaxed and peaceful. Began singing softly as well humming. Ended episode looking calm and relaxed.

Resident introduced to journey. Once set up and episode began resident stated, "God bless you, very pleased to be here. Join me and keep me company." Resident followed breathing cues. Laughed out loud on cue. Some movement of head. Appeared to be fully engaged. After episode was asked how she felt. Resident responded, "With my hands." Resident stated she enjoyed it and thanked me, and everyone involved. Resident appeared content.

I provide companion services to a number of seniors. Their required level of care is from assisted-living to late stage dementia in long-term care. I administered Serenity DTx's VR therapy solution to a number of my clients in long-term care. Those who are still functioning at a higher level expressed their enjoyment of the experience, while those in late stage and nonverbal were visibly calmed by the experience.